Why are Section Rules running on entire Project?

I am fairly new to Asana and am having some difficulty with automations. Summarized, I need tasks once unblocked to be assigned with a due date a specific number of days after. However, the number of days varies based on the section in which it is located. I have added a rule to the applicable section, however, they are running on the entire project. Meaning once a task is unblocked in the 5 day follow up section it runs both the 5 day and the 14 day follow up rules.

What am I missing to ensure a rule assigned only to a specific section only runs on that section?

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Welcome, @Ginger_McCullough,

I think you need this pair of triggers for each of your rules:

(To add a second trigger to a rule, click the small + sign which here appears beneath the second trigger I already added.)

Hope that helps,



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