A rule trigger based on time/duration, but not due date

For teams that use board view to manage workflow: I’d like to be able to set a duration (say 2 days) and if a card sits in a board column for longer than 2 days, then that triggers a rule.

One specific use case is a customer service team where incoming cards need to be actioned in X amount of time.

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Hi @Justine_D, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback :slight_smile:

This would definitely be a cool feature! Hopefully this is something our Product team can implement in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

Agreed! It would be helpful that after a duration of time passes with a task in a certain section I can implement a rule that moves it to another based on number of days set.

Hey folks! Looking for some help building out some time-based workflows. We use Asana to manage our content and I’d love to find a way to set up a workflow where if a task has been in X state for Y days it’s automatically moved to a new subsection (e.g. from “in progress” to “stalled”).

Is this possible in Asana workflows (or Flowsana, for folks who use them)?

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Hello @alliebeazell great idea.
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I wonder if it is possible to create a rule to move tasks and subtasks to another project after a certain amount of time?

Basically in my project, we have a rule to move tasks from section 1 to section 2 once tasks are marked complete, but I would like to know if there would be a solution to move these completed tasks from section 2 to another project after, say, 3 weeks standing in this section 2?

So far it did not look feasible to me as the only way to move a task to another project after X amount of time was based on the fact a task was over due (hence, not complete).

Hope that makes sense and more importantly, I hope someone has a solution for me, or an idea :slight_smile:


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Thx a lot Andrea!
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Has this been implemented? I want a better way to remind myself that items have been sitting in the ‘to do’ basket for more than two weeks. They don’t need deadlines or fixed dates, but I’d like a sense of awareness of how long they’ve been neglected for.

I’d also like to see this happen

Hi there!

Does Asana have a time-based trigger?

E.g. a card has been processed through a project and, at some point, moved to the final stage, “Completed”. Could I add an automation saying that if a task has been “Completed” for 60 days, it will be moved to another project?

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Yes please! trigger based on Time in column would be awesome.

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As an additional datapoint- I would really like something like this!

For example, I’d like to create a trigger “When task has been Completed for 24 hours, move to X section in My Tasks.”

I often need to quickly reference something I completed earlier in the day, but switching to filtering for Completed Tasks is a lot to load. With a time delay trigger like this, I could easily see “these are the things I completed today” and after it’s been 24 hours it can move to a different section that I keep collapsed. Right now, I’m doing this manually (when I remember because it’s being slow) so it’s a lot to sort through.

Thanks for your consideration!


I thought this was already a feature and a huge factor of starting to use Asana. Now I realise the timers are only related to due dates. Very disappointing as this would help our team and company immensely.

Following up here as I am inquiring about the time-based rule as well. Looking to utilize this rule in a customer service world where we have to conduct outreaches based off of customer feedback and would like to create a rubric that will hold my team accountable for initial outreaches and follow ups. Thank you!

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