Rule Exceptions

Hi there, I’m looking for the ability to create rules, but add exceptions. For instance, I have a Milestone section on my boards and I’ll want to add a status to these milestones (ex. in progress), but I don’t want it to move into my In Progress section (which is what my current rule is set to do). How do I create a rule that is essentially "when status is set to [In Progress], move task to Section [In Progress]; exclude tasks in Section [Milestones].

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Hey @anon6996336 and welcome to the Asana community.

Not sure how many milestones you usually have but I am thinking a quick solution could be to add one custom field with single select which you use just for marking the milestones. Then the rule could be to apply to all that do not have any entry for this custom field.

Otherwise you can set up the rule per section, which probably takes longer though.

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