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We’re considering upgrading to Business, and one of the key reasons is rules.

In looking up what was possible, it was asked whether rules can be setup for task inactivity, e.g. no changes (to date, or description, or moved sections, or tags etc.), or comments past “x” days/weeks/months move task to section “y”?

We have a bad habit of creating tasks and letting them stew, and it could be good in a project to move them to a “revisit task” section, or in My Tasks “Recently Added” or a “review task” section if you’ve set that up.

AFAIK - Niether Zapier or Flowsana have that type of rule.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Rasmus_Harsaae

Asana is driven by Assignee and Due Date. Once you have that in place, you can set rules based on whether a task is coming due or overdue and then take action such as Slacking the individual or a channel.

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Thanks for the reply @Getz_Pro!

While that would work for some of the tasks, it wouldn’t work for all.

As written, we have a bad habit of letting tasks stew, these could be larger objectives, or initiatives that we’ve started but for some reason progress has halted.

These tasks usually don’t have a due date, or even an assignee, and it would be great to set a rule to bring them back up, and decide if we need to do something about it, or delete it/mark it complete to declutter our projects/my tasks.

So essentially a rule that could look like: “inactivity= no comments / changes in X days” then move to X project/section/assign to X

But by the looks of it this isn’t possible.

There is a rule, you are just using the tool incorrectly. The onus of change is then on your team.

Assignee and Due Dates

The tool is built on this premise. Built on PMO standards.

If task is overdue, then go do this (so if the task has not been marked complete and therefore the outcome not met, the rule will take action).

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