Feature request: "Task stale" trigger in rules


We use Asana to track the status of support requests. For this purpose it would be valuable to have a “Task stale” trigger in the rules. It should trigger if the task has been without any activity (field changes, comments etc.) whatsoever, for a configurable amount of time.

Regards Kenneth

What exactly should happen when the rule triggers?
Wouldn’t it be easier to create a rule that triggers if the assigned due date is approaching?

Anything that I can do with the normal actions in rules. I just needs a new trigger.

Setting a due date in this case is not practical, as that would mean that we would need to change the due date every time there is a new comment or a state change.

So basically if a task has had no comments, no custom field changes, no textdescription changes, no name changes, no collaborator changes, no owner changes, no date changes, no added subtasks, and so on, it should trigger a rule? That doesn’t seem practical either.

Asana triggers work the other way around: something has happened → do something else

You could kind of solve it with a custom search and save that. That way you have 1 klick to find all the tasks that haven’t been modified in a specific time range and can go from there

You could also solve this by adding a custom “status” field, and go from there

Hard to offer a good solution without knowing how you’re setup

Hi, I would also like this feature for use in my team’s project tracking boards. We want this to be as automated as possible, and trigger notifications for stale items to owners without us having to go in and find stale items. Sometimes owners may not update tasks or fields, so we can’t rely on a field.