Rules - Due Date Change triggering for first Due date Change

Hi All,

Just started using the Rules functionality. Whenever a due date is changed i am adding a default comment that “Do not change Due date henceforth”, But the issue i am facing is this comment gets added for every task which is created.

I assume the rule is considering that “No Due Date to first Due date” as a change. Ideally i would not wish to add to the first time a rule is created how do we prevent this, please suggest

Hi @Gowri_Shankar_RJ. Currently, the only option I see is to not turn on the rule (pause it) until you have due dates all in place. As you stated it triggers off that date field getting changed (populated).

Yeah, I tried but could not come up with any other alternative other than what @Bernie_Orelup suggests above.

@Bernie_Orelup that does not work out since the project is dynamic in nature and regular tasks gets added on a daily basis. I am sure this is technically a flaw which i am sure Asana till will fix it up in their next releases