Rules for changing due dates going awry

I have been successfully using rules in My Tasks and Group By: Custom Sections to create a clear list of tasks to do today and tasks to do tomorrow.

But, as you can see in the screenshot, Asana has made these tasks “due yesterday” for some reason.

The other strange thing happening that may or may not be related but seems to have happened at the same time is that I’m now getting inbox notifications for all of the date changes automatically changed by Asana thanks to these custom rules. I do not need inbox notifications and have never seen them like this before this week, but can’t figure out why they have been sent in the first place.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Kara_Freedman,


This indicates that there must be another rule that is setting the due date. You have two more rules in that section, plus you might have more rules in the project overall; take a look at those two rules and any other project rules you have, and you should find one that’s setting the due date.

Hmm yes, I have 1 rule for when due date is approaching to move to the section and the second rule is if I move a task into that section the due date is set to 0 days away (i.e., today). Up till this week, this has worked exactly like I want it to.

I’ve temporarily changed time zones - is it possible that this is making the error?

Yes indeed, I’m sure that’s the cause. See:

I’m moving this out of Report a Bug since this is the expected product behavior.

Ah, okay. Should work normally soon, then. A little frustrating, but not the end of the world. Thanks!

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