Time zone not updating

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I recently changed time zones and my Asana is stuck on my old time zone. Is there a way that I can manually change it so that the rules in my tasks works, correct?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. move to a different time-zone

Hi @Paul_Grobler, thanks for flagging this!

Are you using the desktop or browser version of Asana? Asana’s timezone is taken directly from the device you are using, has this been updated also?

It might be worth following these troubleshooting steps, such as clearing cache if using the browser version: Supported browsers and troubleshooting steps | Product guide • Asana

If using the desktop app, please try reinstalling.

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

@Rebecca_McGrath I’m using the Desktop app and browser on two different devices and the mobile app.

All my device’s date and time is correct.

I uninstalled the desktop app and reinstalled it.

I see the effect in two places. The rules in my tasks and my do not disturb shedule in Asana

I cleared my browsers cookies, and it still triggers the rules in My Tasks at the wrong time.
The trigger is “WHEN a task is due Today THEN move to certain section”
The problem is that the TODAY is not my current local time but my previous local time.

Thanks for following up, @Paul_Grobler! I’ll check this with our Product team and get back to you ASAP :slight_smile:

The next step I took was to delete the old rules and recreate them. I’m still testing but it seems to be working as expected now. Will update in a few days.
It seems the time zone you’re in when creating the rules gets locked in the rule. If this is the case, all other rules people create will have this effect when they move to a different time zone.


After days of testing the problem is with the rules that was created in My Tasks.
My assumption was that the rules times (for example due Today) will be dynamic and will update to reflect the users local time and update if the person moves to a different time zone. After seeing the behavior, I think the rules time is locked to when the rule was created. So, I fixed it by recreating the rules again and now it triggers at the correct time (until I move again).

My biggest concern now is what other rules are affected that I do not know about and does this have an implication when I create rules for the rest of the team and our time zones differ whose “Today” will be used. Not even thinking of what happens when using a VPN.

A possible solution would be to let the user decide to lock it to a specific time zone like I’ve seen on Google calendar where the default is used but one can change the time zone manually.

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Thanks for the update here, @Paul_Grobler. I’ve flagged this to our Product team and hope to have a response soon! I’ll keep you updated.

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Hi @Paul_Grobler, thanks for your patience here!

Our Product team have confirmed that this is actually expected behavior. We determine the timezone for a Rule by the timezone of the editor at edit/creation time.

I hope this clarifies!

Thanks for the clarification. I just wished we had a choice to update this manually, When I moved, I had to recreate so many rules.

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