Managing time zone preferences

Hey folks, I’ve seen this discussed a few other posts, but I have yet to find the answer I’m looking for:
I work in a location that is in the ET time zone.
However, our core team works in PT and all of our due dates/times are decided based on PT.
The problem is, because Asana sees me as being in ET, every day I’m forced to do the -3 hour conversion in my head when I’m adding times to tasks so I give them the correct PT time. It’s pretty awful.
Is there really no way for me to tell Asana to consider me located in PT or some similar workaround?
I CANNOT be the only person who struggles with this.
Thank you!

Hello @SirHomeALot

the due dates should definitely always reflect everybody’s local time see Due Time and Time Zones - #3 by Marie

If that is not the case for you please go through the troubleshooting steps to see if that helps.

Only when rules based on time‘s are created it will consider the time from the creator, see Time zone not updating - #9 by Rebecca_McGrath

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yes, Asana is giving him tasks in his local timezone and I think that’s his problem. He wants to set himself to a different local timezone to match the rest of his team

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Do you use a VPN? If you do, you probably can choose an IP address in the timezone you want to be in and Asana will think you’re there.

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Thanks Andrea, but I think you may have misunderstood the ask here.
In that post you shared, it says “Due time should definitely show up in the local time, no matter where you’re located. So a task due at 5:00pm easter time should be due at 2pm Pacific Time.”
But that’s not what I want. I want to be able to set a PT time while working from an ET location.
The team has decided the task should be due at 3pm PT. As the creator of the task, and as someone working in ET, if I set the time on the task, I have convert it, from 3PM PT to 6PM ET and enter that on my end.
This is what I’m trying to avoid.
I want to be able to input PT times despite being located in ET.
So when I enter 3PM here in Toronto, Asana understands that I mean 3PM PT, not ET.
I hope that clarifies!

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Ah okay thanks for clarifying @SirHomeALot !