My Tasks for multi-day tasks

I am struggling to figure out a good way to organize multi-day tasks in My Tasks.

My setup is pretty close to the old version - sections for Today, Upcoming (7 days out), and Later. I sort by date and work out of the Today section.

I have several tasks right now that I will need to look at daily for about a month, so I set the due dates to 4/18-5/6. I created a separate section for them, which worked great until the due dates started nearing, and they began to get sucked into my rules for Upcoming tasks. Since I’m sorting by date, they would go pretty far down the list in Upcoming, and I would have to hunt for them.

Workaround 1: I can intentionally set the end date a week or two out. This would work but annoys me because it is not accurate.

Workaround 2: Instead of start/end dates, I could make a recurring task and check it off each day. I like this because it would allow me to could check things off as I finished them for the day – however, my manager is not a fan, since it makes Workload look like I have 40 hours’ worth of work on one day :grin:

Anyone have a bright idea on how to manage tasks like this in My Task?

I have a “pending” section that I leave open in My Tasks. They don’t have any due dates, so they don’t get sucked into my rules, but I see them every time. I collapse the Upcoming and Later. Not sure if this can help for things that don’t necessarily need a specific due date and need to stick around. Maybe a version of this could work?

@Katie_Kendle I’d say you keep your multi-day tasks on one-side and have a single daily task that says “Check multi-day tasks in My Tasks” with the time spent attached (5 minutes?). That way you have the best of both worlds: a daily reminder with actual time spent on them, and you do remember to check on those tasks sitting in your My Tasks.

Bonus: the recurring task could contain a link to each task you need to check, allowing you to hide those tasks in the Later section of the My Tasks.

Does this help? Did I understand your situation correctly?


I faced similar issues and recommend the following:

This is very close to what I use, and the Daily/Reference section is like what you ended up with.

The rules I set up exclude those sections so you can prevent the hassle of those tasks moving sections when you don’t want them to, yet still use dates if you want to.

I also use a weekly and monthly recurring reminder to remind me to look at a separate project where I store further-out tasks to be reviewed periodically; that helps keep My Tasks more manageable while not losing track of things.

Hope that helps,


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