Increase the limit of 250 rule actions used per month on Starter tier

So out of touch with the market and just squeezing legacy users who have high movement costs never does well for a business. Currently looking at moving to notion or clickup for a better feature set and lower cost.

Asana - please reconsider how you are facilitating this Rule for the Starter tier. As has been mentioned in multiple places, it is very impractical and especially for long-standing / existing clients it can really be a deal breaker.

10 people with Actions to just move tasks between sections in My Tasks could easily generate an average of 100 actions per day for the company. So just daily triaging of tasks, something Asana has always provided in My Tasks, could be negatively impacted by this limitation. Same thing for other project workflows.

If Asana insists on limitations for Rules in the Starter Tier, I recommend some of the following alternative options:
:small_blue_diamond:Don’t count any Rules running in My Tasks.
:small_blue_diamond:Increase to 2,500 Actions per month.
:small_blue_diamond:Focus on Rules running instead of Actions.
:small_blue_diamond:Focus the limitation per Project instead of org-wide.

Better yet, consider removing the limitation to keep clients coming and retaining old clients. Automations/Rules are a huge part of what just about any company is looking for. A large % of my clients, small and large, are asking questions about how to integrate and automate nowadays. This limitation forces company’s to either opt out completely or move to Business (which might be too expensive for some.)