Rule limit on rule based workflow

I am using Asana to build a request management process, much like a ticketing system, but in a process flow system that allows for integrations with other departments, automations on actions, and ensure up-to-the-second communication.

It is a brilliant and complex process flow. Asana has been great! I am now its biggest champion in my organization because it has DONE EVERYTHING I NEEDED…UNTIL NOW…

Rules are limited to 50 rules and there is no action to change this in the near future. With more rules I could truly automate a process that would bring great value to my organization, provide a great use case for Asana, and well just be awesome to finish and have it fully functioning.

PLEASE INCREASE THE RULE LIMIT!!! Please vote with me to get this increased!!!


Hi @anon1463932 ! I ran into a similar problem and found a workaround by simply creating a 2nd project where all the tasks get multi-homed automatically from the 1st project. You can then use the 2nd project to add another 50 rules! :wink:
Note, you may likely need to add the same custom fields (or just the ones necessary) to your 2nd project in order to run the further automations you need, so make sure those custom fields are all added to your library so you can add them easily to your 2nd project.
Also, the 2nd project can be just private for you, while all your automations from both projects will work in the 1st project for everyone else!
Let me know if you run into any issues :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for the ideas.

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Can you explain how to do this? I’m not understanding the specific steps but would love to utilize this solution!

Hi @Monica_Greye1 , it is fairly simple:

Scenario: you have a Project ‘A’ which is reaching its limit of 50 rules:

  1. Create a blank Project B (you can make this private if you want)
  2. Create one more rule in Project A as per below (make sure you have less than 49 rules so you can add this one!)
    Tasks added to Project A > add them also to Project B
  3. Select all your existing tasks in Project A (up to 50 at a time) and add them to Project B (i.e multi-home them so that they appear in both projects)
  4. Add to Project B any custom fields that your new set of rules in Project B will require. If some fields are already in Project A, add them to Project B from your custom field library. (any custom fields that you want to use in Project A and Project B will need to be added to your custom field library)
  5. Setup the rest of your rules in Project B - now these rules will be actioned just like the rules in Project A.

Hope that’s clearer :wink:

PERFECT! Thank you! This just saved me a whole heart attack in trying to deliver this incredible automated project template for my department :grimacing:

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