Increase Rules/Form Questions limit

Recently, I came upon a predicament where I needed to create a rather large form. The form was based on approved company products.

I had to find a workaround solution by linking to different forms within the other forms because it was hitting a question cap as a single form.

If I am not mistaken, the question limit was 150. Which is very generous, however it would be nice to see this limit increased… I would like to also suggest that rules that work in conjunction with forms be raised. 50 Rules limits the automation for larger companies who want to create auto-assignment within a single board.

It does make sense that I have separate boards based off department that will work around this rule limit, but it would be nice to not feel so constrained on these limited options.

I agree with increasing the form questions limit. We’ve had to split out into 5 or 6 forms to capture all the data each internal department needs. We’ve had a few people complain that it’s now getting too complicated and people submit content via the wrong forms. We’re trying to make it easier for our teams receiving content at the expense of people submitting the forms.

Hi @Marcus_Henderson , have you considered this workaround for having more than 50 rules?

Hi folks :wave:

Good news! We have just increased the limit of Forum questions from 150 to 200 :tada:

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: