Permit multi-select remove from project even if only one project

There’s no “X” beside the project name in the multi-select > projects popup if tasks are only in a single project like this one:


That means that when you use multi-select there’s no way to remove the task from that project, which I might want to do for various reasons (e.g., maybe because I only want it in My Tasks now).

If I single-select any of the tasks, there’s no such limitation in Task Details–the “X” is present:


Why is multi-select preventing me from doing something efficiently that I can do inefficiently (one-by-one) in Task Details?

Mutli-select includes the “X” for tasks multi-homed to multiple projects; it seems to only remove in the case of single project membership.



For me it is a bug, someone must have messed up the condition for the appearance of that cross :slight_smile:

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Hi @lpb and thanks for the report.

I’ve a feeling this is intended, but let me check in with the team to find out more!

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