Copy subtasks Assignee?

Within a project, we have tasks that have 35 multiple lines of subtasks that are always assigned to specific employees based on which subtask it is.

Project X:
Task NAME:
Subtask 1-3 ALWAYS employee 1
Subtask 2-4 ALWAYS employee 2
Subtask 5-7 ALWAYS employee 3

When I copy the subtask from one TASK to the next TASK, is there a way to copy the employee assignment? When I copy, it just seems to copy the line data without the assignment.

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Hi @Lori_Eddlemon :wave:t3:

Yes it’s possible! You just need to tick off “Assignee” while duplicating your task:

Capture d’écran 2021-03-03 à 10.12.45

Alternatively, you can check out our new task template → Introducing templates, for Tasks!

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