Subtask Assigning

How do I make a workflow or rule that once a subtask is marked complete, the person that completed that subtask is assigned to the subtask marked complete and the next subtask under the original task? We have multiple tasks that are assigned between multiple projects and sometime the assignee forgets to assign themselves to each subtask. I spend too much time going back to look at the logs to assign the right person. Assignee is needed for records.


You can do the first part: set the assignee of the subtask marked complete with this rule action:

But you can’t natively in Asana operate on another subtask. You could @mention the user in a comment, or create another subtask assigned to the person reminding them to do that (partial automation) but that’s as far as you can go.



@Jared_McNiff - In addition to @lpb 's suggestion, I think you could sort of accomplish the second piece of your ask (assuming I understand it correctly) by creating subsequent subtasks via rule as you go (instead of creating all at once) and using single-select field on the parent task to keep track of where in your subtask process you are.

Sample design:

  • Have a field on your parent task with an option for each “stage” (i.e., last completed subtask).
  • Have a rule to kick off your first subtask (as mentioned in Larry’s example) and assign the triggerer
  • Have another rule(s) that trigger when all subtasks are complete, check the current value of the “stage” field, and then create the next subtask (including with triggerer assigned) and move the “stage” field to the next value

It’s a bit complicated, but I think it would do what you want.

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