Auto Assigning Subtask to Original asignee

Hi There,

I am was looking at all of the forum messages and I cannot find a solution to what I would like to do.

We will be assigning different tasks in the same project to different members (Eg: Ben) of the team and we set a rule for 2 subtask reminders to be created. With this we would like the Assignee to automatically be assigned to the subtasks as well regardless of who it is assigned to, the subtasks have to be assigned to the same person (Eg: Ben).

Is this possible and if so how do I go about it?

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Dynamic assignee based on task assignee is currently not possible to set up via rules.

You’d have to create separate rules per person

Not sure if Flowsana has this feature @Phil_Seeman ?

Also here is a feedback request thread that might be interesting for you.

Indeed it does! @Ashwin_H, our Flowsana integration has a rule action to assign a subtask to its parent’s assignee:


Hi @Phil_Seeman! I’d also love to utilize this feature in Flowsana, where and how do I get to your image example above??

Hi @Alyse_Loveland,

I’m not keen on posting a complete screenshot of it only because our interface is changing completely in the next month with a major upgrade and the screenshot will then be out-of-date. Please send your question to and we’ll absolutely give you the details on how to accomplish it. Thanks!

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