"Assign Task" rule is not found under the Customize section

Hi I have been using ASANA for almost 2 years now and recently just started familiarizing myself with rules to automate my entire work flow processes.

Can we automatically assign a sub task to a designated person when a parent task is move to a certain section?

My corporate is using Business version of ASANA and not sure if the assign task function is available as I was unable to use it under the “Customize” section.

Would really appreciate some form of help or assistance here.


Welcome, @Elizabeth_Law,

I’m afraid that’s not supported; maybe one day!

If you click the “+ Add action” box/button, then on the right side, scroll the list of actions available and you’ll see “Change assignee to…”:

Hope that helps,


Hi Larry,

Thank you for your quick assistance.

There is no “Assign task” under Add action section on my side. Same goes to when I tried to search for it.

Any solutions?


HI @Elizabeth_Law you could have

Trigger: Task moved to section
Action : Add a subtask (inside that subtask action you can choose who that would be assigned to)

Hi Danielle,

Is there any way for a rule to assign someone to an already existing subtask (which is part of the form in a project) without having to create a new subtask with the default person who would be assigned to?

Otherwise, thank you for the help.

HI Elizabeth,

Sorry not sure I follow. When you form submission comes it it automatically adds a subtask? - In which case that would be the same rule then just earlier on in the process so it would have to be assigned at that point.

Hi Danielle,

OK let me try to explain.

Whenever we start a new project, it will come as a form with our own default fields and subtasks already created.

My intention is when a parent task is move to section or a trigger happens (for example when a related subtask within the parent task is mark completed), an existing subtask will be assign to my designated team member (as a rule). I am looking for ways to minimize the manual tasking of daily assignment.

Hope this clears.


Hi @Elizabeth_Law you cannot rule to assign a subtask after it has been created the assignee would have to happy upon generation.

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