Use Rule to Assign a Sub-Task to a designated person, when the Parent Task is moved to a certain Section

Hey there! I have an “Onboarding” Project that i’m using for automating our hiring process.

Currently, the main task is the name of the applicant with the description of the task being their application that came in through our Gravity Forms integration through Zapier.

I have a template that adds a list of Sub-Task Sections, Sub Tasks, and Milestones throughout the onboarding process. When certain things happen, and the status of the Parent Task changes (which is done manually by staff once all dependencies for that section have been completed), then the Parent Task moves to the next section.

I know I can assign the sub tasks to people in the template, but I’d love to be able to use a Rule that allows me to automatically Assign the Sub-Tasks to a certain person upon the task moving to that section.

The reason I don’t want to just set this in the template, is because once the template is initiated, it adds tasks to staff who can’t complete them yet and messes with their workflow.

I know this isn’t available in Asana currently, and I’m not certain if @Phil_Seeman has this functionality in Flowsana. I’m using the Business version of Asana. Would love to hear any feedback on plans for Asana or Flosana to integrate this functionality soon?

Hi @Bobby_Greenawalt,

Yes, Flowsana can handle this now! When you create a workflow, you get to chose whether to have it apply to top-level tasks only, subtasks only, or both.

So you could make a Flowsana rule like: When a task is moved to the “X” section, assign it to “John Smith”, and set that rule to apply to subtasks only.

Then of course you would make a similar rule for each of the other sections.


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