Auto-assign tasks based on Column


Hi all,
New to Asana and picking it up quite quickly.

I’ve organised a project by the kanban column view. I’d like to know if it’s possible to assign a task automatically to a person by placing into a specific column named by individuals.



That is a good idea, but I do not believe this is now possible. Auto-assign in general does not apply. It is however an interesting idea that could bring efficiencies especially to small teams! :+1:


Hi, I have the same request, extended to auto complete if the task is moved to a column named “completed”… Looks like a basic functionnality missing OMO.


Another good workflow. I do not believe asana has such automated workflows, but both are great ideas!


This should be moved to the feedback section so we can vote it up. And I completely agree, automated workflows should be added, it takes a dumb/static board and gives it life with logic. While I get some things have to be done manually, there are plenty of processes that could be automated via a workflow. The lack of these, is the primary reason I won’t use the kanban boads.