Automation WITHIN Asana (not related to external apps)



In [Teamwork] I’m accustomed to having tasks automated. Specifically, in board view (and list view) if I move a card to a different column I could set that action to trigger other actions. For instance, when I move a card to “Done” column, this action triggers task autocomplete, additionally it removes all assignees automatically. Or when I move a card to “Pending Drawings” column, it would automatically add an illustrator tag and change the due date relative to the current day.

We could cut down on some of the “don’t forget to do this and that” conventions if there was more automation within Asana.

In my personal example, if someone starts a conversation that has an actionable task, I have to ensure: they create a task/subtask, didn’t forget to add an assignee and date, update a related custom field(s), AND multi-home the task/subtask to appropriate projects.

Especially, when you’re working with contractors/clients, you don’t want to confuse them with a bunch of rules and subtasks but also don’t want something to fall through the cracks and not make it onto a report view because someone simply forgot to update a custom field.

Just a suggestion that embodies the Asana mission of making it easier for teams to work together.


Auto Reflect Task's Status in Two Projects

Thanks for your feedback and for providing us with some context @Monique_Lay! Hopefully, this is something we can introduce in the future :slight_smile:


There are a lot of Product Feedback items asking for specific automations, but you’re asking for a more generic ability to create IF-THEN rules within Asana. I agree that this would be really powerful feature (and have voted for it)!


Agreed. I’ve had to resort to getting into the developer API for this kind of thing, when having the ability to automatically add specified sub-tasks to tasks begun in a specific project would meet my needs very well. Thanks for bringing it up. :slight_smile:


Much more succinct than I put it!