My Team Loves to Pull Subtasks into our Board View and I want to automate it!


I am working on automating some workflows for my team and I need some help.

Our team uses a board view and loves to pull out the subtasks and add them as a separate task to the board. I would love to automate this but I cannot figure out how.

Basically I want my rule trigger to work like this:

  • When a subtask is added
  • Move Task to Project (current project, section (Not Started)

Is this possible?

Hello @BoKoe, welcome to the Asana Community!

Currently you cannot set up rules for subtasks.

Here is an existing feedback request thread to vote on:

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@BoKoe If you are willing to try an integration, you can get this functionality from Flowsana.


I also have a custom made automation doing exactly this in case you are interested :slight_smile:

Hey Paul!

Thank you for the suggestion! I am looking into it at the moment. We just upgraded to the highest tier for asana so im not sure if we can afford another pay-per-seat kind of integration but will definitely look into it!

Thank you!

Hey Bastien!

Yes, very interested, how did you manage to pull this off! Sounds very impressive


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