"Or" Conditional Logic Rules (assigning collaborators)

I want to set up a rule to assign certain members of our team to be a collaborator on the projects. We have 4 designers and 7 marketing managers who are assigned to certain products. When people make requests via forms, I have a drop down for them to select the people associated with those products. They are not necessarily assigned, but are collaborators. I am setting up rules to that trigger if they select one individual, it assigns them as collaborator. Is there a better way than setting up 11 rules for this. It would be great if there was one rule that said if A is selected, then insert A as a collaborator; if B is selected, then insert B as a collaborator; and so forth.

Ideally this would be when the product is selected on the form so those filling out the form doesn’t need to select the designer and marketing manager but since there is a rule count limit, I am making it a manual rule, but am still going through the rule count quickly. I’d love to automate from the product level to select the two collaborators (designer and marketing manager).

Can you help me with this?

I don’t think you can do better within Asana. With Zapier maybe you could… :thinking: @Phil_Seeman any idea?