Allow more than 1 trigger rule to impact an action

For example when Specific User Adds Task move to Section

Currently the functionality supports only a 1:1 trigger to action. (When Task Added move to Section)

That would make Rules very powerful indeed

Agreed, Added my vote.

Actually can’t you create several rules with the same action?

When I had last looked at this, I don’t think I was able to. I might be mistaken. Have you seen something different @Bastien_Siebman?

You can create several independent rules with the same action, but what @Ashley_Stauffer is wanting (if I’m understanding correctly) is the ability to specific multiple triggers with an AND condition on them - that is, they both (or all if more than two) have to be true in order for the action to occur. Adding multiple independent rules won’t do that, and there is not currently the ability to have multiple triggers with an AND condition on them.

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Yes exactly. I did create several rules for the same trigger on The coolest Asana rules 😎, but an AND currently isn’t possible. @Phil_Seeman Does Flowsana allow it?

Not yet in Flowsana but it’s under definite consideration!


It would be wonderful if the awesome Rules feature got more powerful by allowing for Boolean logic in a trigger. That is, if you could combine an arbitrary number of triggers into a Boolean expression. For example, a trigger might incorporate AND: “If the task has been moved to Column and the current status is [Y]”.

I think my request might be a duplicate of Allow more than 1 trigger rule to impact an action


Thanks for the feedback @Dan_Bikel! I’ve merged your post with Allow more than 1 trigger rule to impact an action to keep all feedback on this topic in one thread and I’ll make sure to post as update there as soon as I have some news on my end! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us!

Hi everybody! :wave:t5:

Jumping here to let you know we have added a new Conditional Logic capacity to Rules :tada:
As from now, you are able to create Rules using multiple Triggers (up to 20) and multiple Actions (up to 5). You can learn more about it in our Guide.

I’m closing this thread now but if you have any follow-up questions or feedback to share please let us know here or in the #productfeedback category !

We hope you enjoy it! Have a great week!