Rules: allow to set multiple actions based on one trigger

It’d be great if you could do more with the rules. You can currently determine a trigger and an action but occasionally you want multiple actions to take place on the same trigger, making it time-consuming and tedious to set up initially.
The solution would be to allow for multiple actions based on 1 trigger.

Hi @BenCro and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

This is our first shot at Rules, and we’re already looking at what we could do next, hence why your feedback is so important! I’ve gone ahead and modified the title of your thread to make it more discoverable to other community users, hope that’s ok!

Thanks @Marie, It’s a great first shot at the feature! The UI is really smooth, easy to grasp and use, this was my only criticism and that’s more down to me wanting to automate everything than it being a negative :laughing:.

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#solvedWe're adding conditional logic to Rules! :slight_smile:


Hi @BenCro :wave:t5:

As @BES has commented, you are now able to create Rules using multiple Triggers (up to 20) and multiple Actions (up to 5). You can learn more about it in our Guide and in the announcement made in the Forum.

I’m closing this thread now but if you have any follow-up questions or feedback to share please let us know! I hope you enjoy it!