Assign a Subtask when Previous Task is completed

I’m not sure if this is possible, but I was wondering if there was a way that once one Assignee completes a task, the next task is automatically assigned to a new Assignee.

Was trying to avoid having the previous person assign a task or having someone remember to assign next - was hoping it was automated.

Thank you!

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Hi @Jennifer_Ellis and welcome to the forum! Have you checked out Task Dependencies? When the first task is completed, it will notify the assignee of the next task that they can start on their task.


@Jennifer_Ellis You can also play around with the Rules in Asana to accomplish this. You could set up a rule that assigns the next task when a certain task is marked completed. You could also play around with making rules based on approvals and/or task dependencies. For a more in depth guide on using Rules in Asana you can check out this Guide:

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I believe you can’t do this with Rules. Rules apply “globally”, you can’t be specific and target “next” task.

However the dependency @Bernie_Orelup mentioned would be the way to go, but you would have to pre-assign everything in advance.

What you could do also is to have a Rule that post a comment “Don’t forget to assign the next task” in a completed task, but be careful: you won’t be notified of that comment because you were at the source of the action…

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