Completion Notifications For Those Assigned To Next Task

We’ve been using Asana at our business for a while now, and we’ve been having trouble with productivity in terms of employees knowing when their task is up. When an employee assigned to one task completes it, it’s then up to that employee to notify the employee assigned to the next task that their task is ready to be worked on. We’ve been getting around it now by having the employees mention each other in the comments, but this is far from perfect and simply isn’t reliable enough. I’d like to see a feature that notifies the employee assigned to a task when the task prior to theirs is completed.

Have you tried making each task dependent on the previous? Creating task dependencies | Product guide • Asana Product Guide


In addition to @Arthur_Prokosch’s spot-on answer of using Dependencies which trigger a notification, a nice best practice is for all to create this rule in their My Tasks:

  • Trigger: Task is no longer blocked
  • Action: Move to section “Today” (or similar)



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