Rule to assign task B when task A is completed

Wondering if someone can help…

I have a project plan mapped out and this will be repeated multiple times over as it’s a common process. It’s important that each step of the project is completed before we move on to the next set of predetermined tasks.

I want Task B to be assigned to a specific person when task A is completed… Section B to begin when Section A is completed, etc.

This should be pretty simple I feel like, but am not finding what I’m looking for. Is this possible?

Welcome to the Forum @Brandon_Chillingwort and thank you for reaching out!

I’m afraid there isn’t a Rule available for what you are trying to achieve. You can learn more about it in the Following Guide article:

With that said, this sounds like a good opportunity to get other users to support this idea. If it’s OK with you I’m moving this post to the #productfeedback category to cast votes from the Community! Please note I’ve slightly edited the title to make it more discoverable. Don’t forget to upvote it!

FYI this behavior is available via the “Assign To” capability of the Dynamic Duration workflow type in my Flowsana integration.

A Section in Asana cannot be marked complete, so nothing like this would be possible.

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Hi folks :wave:t2:

It is now possible, with dependencies, to assign Task B (for example) when Task A is complete :tada:

Just make sure dependencies are set up and chose the trigger “Task is no longer blocked” and action “Assign task”

I hope this helps :slight_smile: