How to assign Task-Completion Action to the User who Completed the Task

Hello, first time poster here, just wanted to say this forum has been a great help in resolving my questions around everything Asana!

So the user flow that I would like to achieve is for whenever a developer marks a task as complete, an Action should be kicked off that nudges them to post an URL to their Github commit. The closest thing I found to be possible is to assign this as a Task explicitly to another person. However, Asana does not have a way to do assignment dynamically to the person who marked the task as complete; you would have to specify explicitly who the assignee of the Action during the Action definition.

Is there a way to target Actions dynamically to users who trigger them?

Hi @John45 – welcome to the Forum!

There currently isn’t a way to dynamically create a task assignment based on the assignee of a task, you would need to create a rule for each individual who would need a task assigned to them based on being the person who has completed the task.

The rule trigger would be “Task Completed + Task Assignee” and the action would be “Create New Task”, and the assignee of the task you are creating would be the same as the task assignee selected in the trigger.

If you are just trying to create a “reminder” you could use variable functionality in comments where the Trigger would be “Task Completed” and the trigger would be “Comment” and then use the instructions here to create a variable comment.