Dynamically assigning subtasks when the rule was triggered by a form submission

I love the new dynamically assigned options, but I am running into a problem when I have a rule triggered by a form submission. The rule adds subtasks, and I want these subtasks to be assigned to whoever submitted the form. But my options are “rule triggerer” and “task creator”; I have tried both, and both result in the assignee being blank. I think this is because technically Asana itself holds both those titles in the case of a form submission. Can anyone confirm this? And anybody got a good workaround? :smile:

@Katie_Kendle, I can confirm, sadly! Flowsana.net might be your workaround (now or soon), or Zapier.com or Make.com.



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Hi @Katie_Kendle,

Yes, you can accomplish this now with one of our Flowsana rule actions:



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