Assigning to a specific person from a form

I have a form I designed and it’s going to be used by a group of IT testers who all have Asana licenses. I want to have them use the form for their answers as they do some app testing and then have the task automatically assigned to them inside the project. I don’t see any way to do this within the form designer and I can’t find a way to design a rule to do this. Am I missing something?

Hi @JLA , you cannot currently set a rule within Asana to assign the submitter to the task they create by submitting their form. However, I believe Flowsana by @Phil_Seeman is able to do that with its advanced form support workflow.

Within Asana’s Business plan, in the form settings you can designate always the same assignee and IF the submitter is within the same organisation as you, you can set it to add them automatically as collaborators to the task they submit, which is almost what you are looking for…


That’s what I was afraid of. I’m trying to convince my organization to look at Flowsana but of course more licensing costs.


You could achieve that by

  • creating a single select custom field which contains the names of the testers,
  • in the form, connect the custom field and make it a mandatory question to answer,
  • set a rule that goes -if custom field “name of the submitter” then assign to “submitter”-.

It’s one more step for the submitter to select their own name during submission and depending on how long the list of testers is it can take some time to set up but that would do.

Keep in mind there is a 50 rules limit.

Would that work?



Hi Rosario,

Thanks for your reply. It’s a bit kludgy, lol, but until Asana comes up with something better it could work. I created a custom field with all the names of my testers and added it as a single select question. I’m having difficulty creating a rule following your syntax. I’m creating a custom rule and when I select the trigger and choose my custom field I have a drop down with 2 options. Changed and Cleared. If I set it to changed it lists all the names but selects the first one. If I choose cleared it lists none. I’m not sure where to go from here. Are you saying I’d need to set up a separate rule for each person too?

I figured this out - it does require separate rules for each tester. Aiyah. Asana. C’mon!. :wink:

I guess the good thing is my org just inked an agreement with Asana for some large scale work so maybe they will work with us on incorporating some ideas.

I created the rule and it works. And of course I don’t see a “duplicate rule” option. There’s a duplicate forms option but why no duplicate rules option?

And thank you Rosario.

Hey @JLA

I am glad it did work!

I agree with you that there is some room for improvement in all the options you mentioned, I am confident we’ll see those improvements on the future :slightly_smiling_face:


I am trying to do something similar where my form takes the submitters name that they entered and have populate a field in my project. I can currently do this by creating a custom text field. However, I want to be able to use a Person field, which is currently not an option. When a person’s name comes into the project from the form, I want Asana to know its a person from my company, not just text that someone entered (which could be anything). Is there any plans to have this functionality in forms?