Auto Assign & Rename Form Upon Submission

We are wanting to utilise the Forms in Asana, to replace an external system we use for Admin Tickets. This is where staff raise tickets for many things (Tax Questions, Building/office queries, Change of client information etc) and it gets assigned to the Admin team so they can action the request.
Is there a way that when the form is submitted (currently i’ve saved the link within the Team as a Project for staff to access) that not only does it auto assign to the right Admin member depending on what drop down was picked, but that it also RENAMES the form submission when it is submitted. As they all currently come through as Admin Ticket Form Submission making it difficult to view at ease the tickets received.

Form link (should this help):

Hi @Samantha_Kirkwood and welcome to the forum!

Are you on the Asana Premium or Business subscription level?

If you’re on Business, you can create a custom rule for each value in the dropdown list, where the trigger is the custom field value and the action is to assign it to the appropriate user.

If you’re on Premium, you can’t create custom rules; in that case you could use my Flowsana integration to build the exact equivalent set of rules.

There’s no rename capability per se in either Asana or Flowsana. However, in the right-hand Settings pane of the form creation screen, you have the ability to set which form field becomes the name of the resulting task. You could select the dropdown custom field for this value, so your tasks would have names like “Tax Questions”, “Building/office queries”, etc.


Is there a way to mass create custom rules - 1 for each value in a custom field drop down? or duplicate rules? I’m looking to create rules exactly as you describe, trigger is a custom field value and action is to assign it to a different user for each of the custom field values - there’s over a dozen values so wondering if there’s any way to speed up the set up process

No, at the moment Assna doesn’t support either of those things.

didn’t think so but I was hoping I was wrong lol thanks for the quick reply!