Customizing the title/name of a form submission

When someone currently submits a form, a task is generated that is titled, “form name” + “submission.”

Our studio is testing using Asana Forms as a creative brief for our clients, and when clients are submitting projects into the queue, all projects are listed in our tasks with the same name.

Would it be possible to consider allowing one of the custom form fields, such as “Project Name” (in our case), to be assigned as the default task name instead of the form name itself? This would allow us to not only keep old/new submissions straight, but allow for the name to convey when the task is converted into a project.

@Erin_Pitts, Isn’t this already possible with #3 in the screenshot below from the Asana Guide on Forms?


@lpb Interesting - I don’t have the same functionality you do. We’re on Business Level. This is all I see.

Ah, never mind. i figured it out. Thank you @lpb!