Select a field for task titles (Form settings) - not working

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In this form, “Select a field for task titles” is set to custom field - Property address; however, when submissions enter project as tasks, they are populating with the Form name as the task title.

This form is a business critical workflow, so as an interim solution for the project team, I added a rule that automatically renames all tasks submitted via the form with the Property address. However, we would still like to resolve the issue with the “Select a field for task titles” setting not working!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create form
  2. Set Select a field for task titles to custom field
  3. Have another user create a submission using the form

Browser version:
Google Chrome Version 122.0.6261.95 (Official Build) (64-bit)

What version of Asana are you using (Personal, Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, Enterprise+, Premium, Business or legacy Enterprise)?

Upload screenshots below:


Hi @Ryan_Savage ,

I noticed that you have branching before you get to the Property Address question in your form (i.e., you have 4 separate property address questions, one for each branch). I do not know your workflow, so perhaps this is necessary for your process. I would consider whether you could move that question outside of the branching since you ask it in all branches.

I think the reason you are having this issue is because you’ve only selected one of those address questions as the form name, so if someone goes down a different branch, their response is captured in a different question. To fix this, you could consider my suggestion above to move address out of the branches. Alternatively, you could just look through that list and check off all the address questions (since people only answer one of them depending on their branch).


Hey, Stephen! Thank you so much for this clear explanation - this fixed the issue! I appreciate your help/best practice!

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As a note to the Asana team, want to provide some feedback on changing the language here (re: what Stephen said)

Recommend “Select a field for task titles” should be “Select a question for task titles” - reason being, field infers it will pull from whatever the input is in that field (because that is how Asana works across the rest of the platform). However, in this case, this is actually asking you to select the question input you would like to use as the task title (since multiple questions can be linked to the same field).


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