Using Asana Forms to populate calendar title

I’m working on building out a calendar using Asana to keep track of key team meetings. The goal is to give team members a link to a form where they can add their meeting title, date, and time,–then using that information to show on the calendar.

I’m able to do everything except for the event name, which I’m trying to put in the Task Name section. The form submission does not allow me to link any form field to the Task Name automatically. Is there a way to do this? This solution may not be as workable if someone needs to manually move the title into the task field with every submission.

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Hi @Raul_Gonzalez and welcome to the forum!

You can actually do this - you can set any form field to be the task title. On the form creation screen, you’ll find it under “Settings” in the right-hand pane: