Asana is changing the section a task is assigned to

I have assigned a task to the custom section “SectionA”. However, the following day the task has been moved to the custom section “SectionB”.

I have tested this several times to make sure I’m not imagining it and the issue has been going on for over a month. I have tested using both the app and the browser to correct the section only to have the bug reoccur the following day. This is happening on multiple tasks (at least 6).

And to preempt the obvious question, no I don’t have a rule to change the section.

Beyond being annoying, this is very concerning because I don’t trust the system to not hide something that I need to aware of.

Thank you.

Hi @Christina_Singh1 ,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. Not sure why this is happening, as I’m not able to reproduce this in my environment.

Have you tried checking the task logs to see what’s going on? You can do this by opening a task and scrolling down to the bottom (where comments are). Make sure you toggle to “All Activity” (if it’s not already set):

This should flag anytime the task is moved between sections. If a person moved it, you should see that. If a rule moved it (I know you checked for this already, but perhaps the task is multi-homed to a project that’s doing something with rules?), you should see that noted as well.

If there is no log event for the task being moved to sections, this certainly could be a bug.

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Hi @Christina_Singh1, sorry for the trouble. I could not replicate this on my end either. I’d also suggest checking the logs like Stephen mentioned, and if you still feel there’s something wrong, I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team directly. They will have more tools to investigate what’s going on :slight_smile:

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