Can't Reorder Tasks in a Section

Previously I was able to reorder (change the order of) individual tasks under a custom section. I could add a task to a custom section. And then I could drag it, reordering its place amidst the other tasks in the section. However, now when I add new tasks to a custom section, they are placed at the top of the list of tasks in that section. And I’m not able to drag and reorder them. I can only drag them to a new section entirely, but not reorder their place in the section.

Does anyone know, is this a bug? Or is this the new way Asana works?

I’m using the Asana desktop App, Version 2.1.2 (2.1.2) on a MacBook. But I just tried it in my Safari browser, and had the same issue.

I’m using Starter version of Asana.

@KirkEMiller, Can you make sure at the top of the page you’re sorting by Custom sections?

If you’re talking about My Tasks, it would look like this:

Or for a project, like this:



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Or perhaps you have a ‘Sort’ enabled (such as created on) which does not allow you to manually sort tasks within a section.

The Sort button will be highlighted in pale blue, next to the Filter button along the top.


That was it. Glad it ended up being something really simple. Thanks!

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