Section feature not functioning in "My Tasks" section

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All my custom sections had been deleted when I logged into Asana, and the tasks in those sections had all been dumped into the default untitled section. In addition, I am unable to create any custom sections either by hotkey or by the dropdown associated with the “Add Task” button.

Steps to reproduce:

Unsure. This problem is not present for other members of my team.

Browser version:

I have tried this with Chrome, Safari, and the desktop app, and the bug remains constant throughout all of them.

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?


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Welcome, @Glen_Carney,

At the top-right of My Tasks, do you have a new Group by menu? If so, please click it and change it to Custom sections.

Otherwise, in the Sort menu, change that to None.

Did either of the above resolve your issue?




Changing to custom sections resolved the issue.

Thank you,


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