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Hello Peter,

You are absolutely right. I was on the same boat as you, and since Custom Fields were developed, ASANA became a game changer for how projects are managed. You can make this feature do wonders (or so I believe :slight_smile: )
There are several ways you can highlight the priority of the tasks within a project to get it appearing within the filtering of All Tasks.
It all depends on the user case you have. I will give you couple of options for you to go through and hopefully they will answer your concerns:

  1. You can add a custom field for task priority. Make the custom field drop down menu and choose the priorities you and your team work with. Once that is done, you can go to the view options of the project and select to view them in the priority order you have. Save that viewing option for everyone and this way you can always get a quick access to it.

  2. You can simply add a tag to the tasks with high priority. This way you can click on the tag and a quick screen will pull all the tags with the priority. You can favourite that search to keep it at hand.

A third option would depend on how you build your project on ASANA:
If a project is small you can build the project in the order of task priorities. This way the layout is not driven by section but by priorities. Section could then be replaced by other custom fields.

I hope this helps.
Thanks, Rashad


Thanks for our answer Rashad. Yeah, I can grasp the workarounds for that, but the feature is for premium users only. Since I’m evaluating it, it’s a bummer I can’t test whether or not it would be sufficient for our needs. But, again thanks for your tips! :slight_smile:

Maybe Asana can help for my evaluation?


Hi @Horst

Custom fields are a premium feature but tags aren’t. I would certainly recommend trialling it with tags to see how it works.

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If some users like it and some don’t, can’t it be just an option that can be defined in the settings?


I would also like the ability to sort My Tasks with custom fields.

We use a custom field to set priority to tasks in all of our projects.
(Immediate Action, High, Medium, Low, and Paused)

Our team works across multiple projects, and use the priority custom field to determine what task to work on.


That’s a must, guys, any updates on coming releases?


Yeah! We are a team that is looking for ways to prioritize ‘My Tasks’ so that we can all easily check the priorities among team members task lists (as well as edit them ourselves!).

Any update on making interface improvements or updates @asana ?!


I just had a long discussion with one of our project managers and she was disheartened by not being able to sort by the priority custom field she had taken the initiative to create for us when in My Tasks. I’m trying on a daily basis to get my people more comfortable in using Asana, but a feature that seems completely intuitive to productivity not being a priority for you (and suggesting your paying customers use time-consuming workarounds) doesn’t seem like a good business strategy.


Thank you for this feedback. A priority A B C or something like that is so obvious that Asana has to have this, that I do not understand that it needs a long blog like this one to talk about this. Asana is telling it is made to organise work better - how do you do this without being able to use priorities to organise your day to day work?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Any update on this, obviously sorting your Tasks by priority is key to a work day and has been clear since 2016 @Asana


So, am I to understand that after 3 years of your users asking for the ability to set “Priority” to custom values with your custom fields functionality, the work-around is to copy the “Priority” field, then create another, new, custom field that then appears beside this core option for every post, then use that independently while either ignoring, or otherwise incorporating that first, seemingly un-editable option?


Hi Alexis, curious if there’s been any updates on this in the last year?