Don't allow user to create an unlimited number of separate "priority" columns/fields in "my task" view

We’re trying to roll out global priority field for all team members.
I add “priority” column in Asana “my task” field.
BUG 1 : The prioritizatioin values I set are not searchable by my team members.
BUG 2: Asana allows me to create multiple priority columns and each is duplicative.
See screenshots attached.
Asana Subscription: Business Trial

More info… I using Asana’s “priority” field not a custom one I created. Which is why I assumed it would make it global.

See attached.

Apparently anything you add in “my task” view is specific to you and not global. Even if you’re using the asana created Priority field. Which is not what we were expecting.

Hi @Ted_Bradley best way is have ONE company Priority field added to the library and use that same one across all projects and your my tasks.

@Ted_Bradley – this appears to be happening when using the new “popular” shortcut when clicking + to add a column. I suggest until support is able to address this to add the custom field by clicking + and then “Choose from Library”.

FYI moving this to Tips and Tricks as it’s not a bug; it may not be the best design but it’s working as designed…

With all due respect, as a 5 year PM at Google, I consider this a “user experience bug”. Allowing a user to create an unlimited number of redundant “priority” fields that are all personal to that user with no overlap or visibility to other team members is confusing at best and, in my mind, a broken experience.

I cannot imagine a use where a user would want to have multiple redundant priority fields
I cannot imagine a use case that any team would want to encourage where a user can have personal priority definitions that differ from the team visible / global prioritization.
I cannot image a use case where a naive user would be able to intuit the system as it’s designed today.


I agree with you 100%! However in this context a bug is defined as “not working as the developers intended”, and for better or worse (you and I are in agreement that it’s “worse” :slight_smile: ) it’s working as they coded it.

The fact that Asana lets one create multiple custom fields with the same name is a well-known product behavior. I thought there would be a Product Feedback thread for something like “Prevent duplicate custom fields of the same name” but I was unable to find one - so I recommend you create one!

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ok can we please re-assign it to the product feedback category then? i really would like to see asana continue to be refined and improved over the years. and if i’m going to spend a bunch of time in forums posting screenshots and discussing ways to improve, i want to know it’s being heard and creating value.

I hadn’t reassigned it there as it wasn’t the best title for that section. So I edited the title slightly and moved it there (and voted for it!).

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thanks Phil!