Add ability customize fields when viewing list of subtasks in a task

This is the same request as Show custom field in the “My Tasks” view? but in the task view. That request was made possible in
Make way for Custom Fields in My Tasks!.

I have a custom field called “Stage” that I set in my subtasks. When working on a task I’d like to have a glance at the Stage of all of its subtasks. Currently, this requires clicking on each subtask to view the Stage. Attached is an image of what the goal should look like.


Not a solution, but were you aware that you can see and set custom fields of all of a parent task’s subtasks in a project’s list view (if you are not too filtered/sorted and still have the expand/collapse icons)?




Yes, this helps. I was approaching it from the perspective of working inside the task.

On larger screens this does the trick.

On smaller screens or on condensed views I have to bring the custom field column over to the left side to see the value. Otherwise the task area on the right side takes up a lot of space.

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