Adding custom fields to a subtask


So I love how you can create custom fields that you can use to designate the status of a task (I created a drop down that shows red for Behind Schedule, Green for On Schedule, etc.). How can I apply those same statuses to a subtask? When I created the custom field, it just automatically showed up in the Tasks. I’d like to be able to see the status of all my Tasks AND my Subtasks. Thanks for any help!



To get a custom field to show up on a subtask, you need to add the subtask to the project (by default, when you create a subtask, it does not get added to the project of its parent task).

Note that this does have the side effect of having the subtask show up alongside the top-level tasks in the main project view. You’ll have to decide if that’s OK with you in order to get the desired custom-field functionality.

If you’d like to have custom fields be available on subtasks without having to add them to the project, you can add your vote for that feature here. (You can see it’s a pretty popular request.)

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Oh, I see what you’re saying. I added the subtask to the project and now it shows up with the tasks that are a level above it. Don’t like that. :frowning: But thank you for the help!



@Sandy_Hightower a not necessarily nice work around is to add the Subtask to the project update the custom field with your desired value and then remove it from the project. The custom field will remain on the Sub Task bit won’t be editable.

You will then need to do the same action again if you wish to change it later.


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You can also have another project with the same custom fields, and add all the subtasks to it. #workaround#hell

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