Selecting custom field for sub-subtasks

Hi, I have a task that has multiple sub-subtasks. The projects has various custom fields and I would like to select one of those fields for a sub-subtask but can’t see how to do it. I can select a field for a subtask and then convert it to a sub-subtask and it keeps the custom field property but I can’t see how to do it directly from the sub-subtask. Thanks for the help.


Custom fields in a project apply to top-level tasks and their subtasks, but only those two levels.

A workaround would be to open the subtask in the task detail pane and type Tab+P (Add to project) and add that subtask to the project (subtasks are not automatically added to the project by default). Doing so means that it’s both a subtask and now a top-level task too, and thus it’s subtasks (which are actually the sub-subtasks you’re talking about) will have the ability set values on the project’s custom fields.




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