Quick tip: Show some subtasks' hidden custom fields

First-level subtasks inherit the custom fields of their parent top-level task, but unlike the top-level task which shows all those custom fields and values by default, they are hidden until you click a Show inherited fields link (see below). Folks have complained about this because it can add up to a lot of extra clicks and a little undesired friction.

I’ve been able to resolve one of the big offenders in my workflow in a non-intuitive way, so I thought I’d share it here.

Now that My Tasks offers custom fields, you can use a side effect to help. Any custom fields you’ve added to My Tasks, if present on a subtask, will show by default in a My Tasks Fields section; no expansion required It looks like this:


While this won’t work for all cases of needing to click to expand, it may take care of some nuisance ones, as it has for me.



Nice, @lpb!


Interesting idea, well done.

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Great workaround.

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Hey Larry, can you provide the steps for displaying the “My Task Fields” section within a subtask?


First, in My Tasks, Customize and add a Custom Field, say Hours like in my screenshot.

Then, create a task in My Tasks and a subtask, and assign the subtask to yourself.

When you click on the subtask in My Tasks, the task detail pane should show the My Tasks Fields section with Hours there.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the additional details, I replied back in the original topic with more details.

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Hi, it’s really interesting you mention below. but I tried make an example in Asana’s My Tasks, I could not populate value from top task to sub-task in custom field. I have got Premium Asana. Does it work now like you mention below? If yes, Please share details with screen shots of steps. many thanks for you support

Welcome, @Ivan_S1,

I may not have been clear, or you may have misunderstood.

When you add a custom field in My Tasks, it creates a slot for a value in the task, and if you add a subtask, that subtask also gets a slot for a value. But those two slots are not related; you set them each individually.

oh, sure, I got it. thanks. it was about field inheritance, but not about value inheritance.

please share your thoughts about free plan fields Tags and Priority(not custom field). for my personal purpose it’s enough, but only in a case I can see and change values from list view in iphone (ios). unfortunatly could not find Tags field in list view, only Priority field was found. If i turned into board view there would be vice versa (there was not Priority field in board view, only Tags field was)

could you give me an advice how to setup List view to make visible Priority and Tags fields in one screen (iPhone)?

and how make the same result for Board view?

@Ivan_S1, I’m afraid I’m an Android user not iOS, so I’ll have to defer to others.

Ideally you could open a new thread in Tips and Tricks or use one of the existing thread where you’ve mentioned this, since your questions are not really related to the topic of this post.



Thanks, I am going to follow your advise

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Interesting idea thanks for sharing with us...

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