Innovative Uses Of Custom Fields in My Tasks

I am loving the ability to add custom fields to My Tasks - anyone wish to share their ideas/most productive ways of using them in their My Tasks?

I love using a simple Started , Incomplete, Awaiting More Info. Not Started.

Let me know yours!

Danni @ Generation Digital

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I added a text Custom Field called Private note (make sure not to add it to the global library)
This is then a place to add any private notes to any task assigned to you.

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Here’s another use of custom fields in my tasks, albeit kind of a side-effect:


Great tip, @Danielle-GenD! I have now created a Status custom field in My Tasks with your suggestions of Started, Incomplete, Awaiting More Info and Not Started.

I added functionality to to this by taking a tip from @Bastien_Siebman, and adding actions (via Rules) to my new Status custom field. When I complete a task in my to-do, I update the status to complete using a rule. As I add additional status options, I will build in actions that do all sorts of things.