Question to tasks, parent tasks, subtasks and transferred fields

Hello all,

I have a question about tasks, parent tasks, subtasks and transferred fields. Is it possible that the transferred fields are only displayed if the same fields are set in the parent task? I have observed a behaviour that the tasks lose their transferred fields when they are converted to subtasks.

If this is true, I would like to know what the background of this function is in order to understand this better.

Thank you very much!


A subtask will inherit the fields from their parent task, but you might have to show them by clicking on a button when viewing a subtask.

Does this help?

There is no connexion between a parent task field value and its subtask fields values.

Ok thank you very much. But how can it be that the values of the custom_fields disappear when I turn the task into a subtask?

Also, when creating a subtask, the values of the custom_fields are not displayed if the parent task does not use the fields.

Would it help you to see a python code example or is this enough?

It could be that you are making a task into a subtask of another project without that specific field. Fields are kinda attached to projects, not tasks.

Yes indeed, because subtasks don’t belong to the project, so Asana hides the field by default. This is a legacy design choice.

I don’t understand the link between your code and what you see on the interface…