How to add custom fields to subtasks of subtasks?

So, it is possible to add custom fields on subtasks of tasks, but how would I add them to subtasks of subtasks? It seems that this possibility stopps on the 3rd level av task-structuring.

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Welcome, @anon35150446,

Right, only the top-level tasks and their immediate, first-level subtasks inherit the project’s custom fields.

But you can add the current project on the subtask (Tab+P in the right-side task detail pane or choose from Add to project from overflow menu there) thereby adding it also as a top-level task, to the project, thereby allowing it and any immediate subtasks of it to inherit the project’s custom fields.

You can optionally place it in a collapsed “Hidden Subtasks” section if you prefer.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for helping out. It might be a workaround, but I was hoping we could keep our current structure. It just doesnt make sense to not have the custom fields available the more levels you go down.


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