Add task as a subtask on another project when a specific custom field is selected

Hi all, I have a very specific automation process I’m trying to set up with our tasks in different projects and I’m struggling to find anything similar online. I’m wondering if it’s possible to do something like this:

On project A, I have a custom field call “Type” which is a single select. In this example lets say “development” is selected.

On project B I would like the Task titled “Development” to automatically create a link to the task we just labelled above. This could be as a dependency, or as a subtask, or something else entirely - I don’t mind, as long as I can somehow create a link between the two automatically.

Is this at all possible? Has anyone else done something like this or needed something like this?


How’s Asana supposed to understand the link: it needs to understand the last task you labelled is the one you want attached? I don’t understand the link between project A and B…

I was hoping I could link the task in project B to the field value from project A. “If the field is X value, it is a dependency/subtask here”.

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@Heather_2 - this is possible, but not natively in Asana.

You’d have to use or Zapier to accomplish this (3rd-party automation/integration platforms that work great with Asana)

If you aren’t experienced in those automation/integration apps, you can hire someone to build it for you to do exactly as you’ve described.

However, Heather, you might consider exploring a slightly different setup that you wouldn’t need any custom work for:

  • You could set a Rule to automatically multi-home (share) that task in Project A to Project B.
  • In Project B, you could create a custom list view and use the new Group By feature and select to Group By “Type” using that type custom field you have now. This will bundle all development tasks together.

If you decide you’d rather go with the original setup you described, my team builds a lot of automations like this.
If you’d like to have a quick free chat about it to discuss the specs,
Grab a free 15-min meeting here:

Based on what I understand from your post, this is a very small project that could be done quickly.

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Hi @Heather_2 , I think you are hoping for something like this: