Custom Field to Reference Tasks in other Tasks?


I believe I saw this feature requested in other threads, but it wasn’t clear if it had actually been implemented, so apologies if this retreads on anything.

We want to be able to reference a task within another task (similar to how the Dependencies field currently works, just for non-dependencies)

Use Case:
We have two separate projects for our content calendar, and for A/B tests we’re running. We want to be able to add the tasks from the content calendar (which represent the content itself, ie an email campaign) in the A/B test task (ex. if we’re running tests on CTA length, and we send 5 emails testing this, we want to be able to seamlessly link those email campaign tasks from the content calendar to the A/B test task so we can easily reference results).

Please let me know if you need any additional information, an alternative way to set up our use case, anything that could be of help here. Thanks!

Welcome, @ypm0tm,

Did you consider using @mentions of the tasks in the Description, like this:

When you type @ you can then start to autocomplete a task name and a vanity link to that task is inserted.

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Thanks for this!

I would essentially like this functionality, but labeled specifically to be for A/B tests, as opposed to just descriptions

Alternatively, if there’s a way to do either of the following automations/rules, that could potentially work:

  • Task Added to Project → Add [“place A/B tests here”] to Descriptions
  • Task Added to Project → Add [“place A/B tests here”] to a comment that can be edited (I’ve tested this and got an Asana automated comment, but that can’t be edited)
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You could do:

  • Task added to project > Add subtasks

and use Tab+N to create a subsection as below and example task (or just the subsection if clear enough):


But URL links in task/subtask titles themselves are not clickable in Asana, so you may instead prefer just have the rule create a regular subtask (not subsection) like “Place A/B test links in this subtask’s description >”.

Hope that helps,


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