Create a 'Tasks' custom field that links to a task while displaying it's title as a 'Tag' (or similar to what dependencies does)

I have a suggestion, since I’m struggling a lot while trying to use tasks and subtasks + hourly reports, etc.

Objective: The main goal of subdividing a task into subtasks is to provide a broader context for the subject matter. For instance, a subtask like “implement functional tests” is linked to a parent task called “implement editing modal.”

Contextual Understanding: It’s crucial to grasp the context. We’ve identified issues, possibly related to how Asana models data for tasks and subtasks, as well as how it handles reports and project associations. These issues sometimes make it challenging to use subtasks effectively for purposes such as reporting, time tracking, and workload planning.

Suggested Solution: I propose the introduction of a “Related Tasks” field or a similar feature. In this field, we could paste a link (URL) from Asana itself, and it would function like a “tag,” displaying the title of the linked task. This functionality would resemble what’s currently available for ‘dependencies.’ When you click the 'Task" associated, it would open up the ‘Related Task’ on the right drawer (exactly how dependencies works today).

Key Benefits:

  • Customization: This field would be customizable within the ‘task’ type, allowing us to link to other tasks.
  • Enhanced Utility: This feature would be highly valuable. Currently, to create ‘related tasks,’ I’m marking them as ‘dependencies,’ but this may not be the most suitable approach.
  • Visibility in “Board” View: Importantly, tasks labeled as dependencies do not appear in the “Board” view, which limits their visibility and usability.

This proposed enhancement would significantly improve our workflow by enabling a more flexible and intuitive way to manage related tasks. It would address the limitations of using dependencies for this purpose and enhance our overall project management capabilities.


Does this suggestion by @Richard_Sather cover your suggestion; or are there ways that yours is distinctly different?


That covers!

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